Charlotte's Shining Star exists to influence
the Government to change its age policy on cervical screening.

A group of like-minded people have come together because of the plight of a young woman in our community,

Charlotte Hughes, who is living with cervical cancer.

Charlotte slipped through the net of those regularly screened for cervical cancer because of her age.

The Facts About Cervical Cancer

As this story so painfully proves, you can be any age to get Cervical Cancer. It does not discriminate.

Initial Symptoms

Here are the most common symptoms for Cervical Cancer
Vaginal Bleeding
Moderate Pain During Intercourse

Advanced Stages

Loss of Appetite

Weight Loss


Back Pain

Pelvic Pain

Leg Pain

Bone Fractures


Help Yourself:

Have Regular Screenings

Most women will have a test called a colposcopy . In this test a nurse or doctor uses a small microscope with a light (a colposcope) to examine your cervix. If your doctor cannot see area clearly enough, you may have another test: a large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ) or a cone biopsy . These are minor operations that allow doctors to remove a section of tissue from the cervix. The tissue is then sent to a laboratory to be checked under a microscope.

The tests will show whether you have cancer, and give other important information such as the stage| and type| of cancer. This information, as well as the physical examination and the results of further tests| your doctor may recommend, will help your doctors to know which is the best type of treatment for you.