Charlotte's Shining Star exists to influence
the Government to change its age policy on cervical screening.

A group of like-minded people have come together because of the plight of a young woman in our community,

Charlotte Hughes, who is living with cervical cancer.

Charlotte slipped through the net of those regularly screened for cervical cancer
because of her age.

Charlotte's Story:

"At the age of 20, my life was turned upside down as I was diagnosed with cervical cancer"

When I was diagnosed my cancer was too advanced for laser treatment and I had to have a hysterectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Since that time I have undergone two life-threatening operations and had a five months spell in the Young Oncology Unit (YOU) at The Christie in Manchester. Going through two sets of chemotherapy has made me lose my hair. And now I am on my third set. As a result of all these things I can’t have children. I can’t complain though, as I’m blessed with a beautiful daughter, Tenika.

Tenika has had to watch her Mummy go through this terrible ordeal for the past three years. I can't do normal "Mummy" things with my little girl. I can't walk with her to school. I can't play with her. I can't take her shopping for treats. Most of the time I am exhausted and can’t even manage to make a cup of tea. Young women don't get called for smear tests until the age of 25. If I had been screened at the age of 18 my life would be so different today. There are many young women in the same situation as me. I know this because they are contacting me. The Government has to change the age ruling so that other women don’t have to face what I have to face. I am lucky because my family is strong and supportive, but I know when I am not there my Mum and Dad, my sisters, my extended family are falling apart. And that's why I am fighting to change the law. I want to make a difference. You can help by signing my petition and joining me at our regular events. Do it now and together let's pave the way for a better future."

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